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Trisha Mann-Grant is the multi-talented wife of Singer/Actor Tony Grant and a dynamic mother of a wonderful son and daughter. The Actress, Radio/Talk Show Host and former Beauty Queen is now traveling Nationwide to help motivate people from all walks of life.

Even though Trisha has had many successful moments in her life, she has experienced quite a bit of heartache, disappointments and failures. At one time being involved in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship, and another time, homeless, on welfare and pregnant out of wedlock, Trisha found herself spiraling downward into a deep depression with thoughts of suicide. With each trial, she found a way to get up, brush herself off and keep moving forward.

Trisha whole heartedly believes in the power of using key principles to knock down obstacles and step through them to get what you want and need out of life regardless of your circumstances. Trisha not only desires for people to know that they are overcomers but also for them to be equipped with the right spiritual tools that will empower them to reach their destinations.

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